Carpet Stain & Odour Removal

Removing stains and spots from fabrics is a difficult task.

Sometimes, when not done correctly, it can further damage the fabric.

Instead of trying to remove them yourself with a harmful chemical, you need to call out a professional that safely will remove it for you.

Whilst we don’t have fixed price for this service ,as no two stains are alike and their age and type of fabric they’re on, influences the result .

Please call us for a quote and advice to properly assess the damage.

All the chemicals we use are approved by British Standards, to remove stains from rugs, carpets and upholstery safely.


Marclean offers professional carpet stain and odour removal services to domestic and commercial customers.

Carpet Stain and Odour Removal treatment includes:

Heat transfer method

Dye removal

Urine stain removal

Odour removal treatment


When we steam clean  your carpets, spot and stain removal is included in the price.

However, if at the completion of cleaning there are stains and odours that have not been removed in the cleaning process, they will require additional treatment.

We will discuss with you whether the stain will respond to extra treatment and the likelihood of the stain being able to be removed, partially removed or lightened.

Stains that require heat transfer method for removal can take up to 30 minutes per stain. Please note that some stains that are deemed permanent may not respond satisfactorily to any treatment.

For this reason we cannot guarantee removal of permanent stains.

A Stain Removal Example:


A light beige coloured nylon carpet is heavily stained with 12 materials (FIG 1). The materials are allowed to set for 14 days. The carpet is then cleaned with the hot water extraction method. It can also be cleaned by sponging with carpet detergent and blotting with towelling.
The extraction cleaning removes all the staining material which did not set into the carpet fibres. Most stains are still obvious with the exception of cola and strawberry jam which the cleaning process was able to remove (FIG 2).
The carpet is now sprayed with the treatment solution and allowed to dry. The Worcestershire, soya and tomato sauce have been removed (FIG 3). Reduced in intensity but still visible are: wine, Betadine, coffee, orange squash, Mercurochrome and Iodine.


To speed up the removal of the more difficult stains, the solution is again sprayed, then a hot steam iron is placed on the stains with a towel underneath (FIG 4). This operation is repeated a few times and the carpet allowed to dry.
Now only a few traces of staining material remain (FIG 5). Again the solution is sprayed and the hot steam iron used. The Mercurochrome stain is now the only one visible (FIG 6).

It took 15 spray applications, without using the iron, to completely remove the Mercurochrome.